Macau Fresh Grads Value Job Nature over Salary

2013年05月14日 15:28
MacauHR 2013 Career Fair Findings: Macau Fresh Grads Value Job Nature over Salary

MACAU, May 6, 2013 – Earlier in March, MacauHR gave its annual career talks to Macau’s upcoming fresh graduates, and attended job fairs at four separate events at Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM), University of Macau, University of Saint Joseph and Macau University of Technology.

MacauHR was also given the chance to interview over 100 students – comprised mostly of year 3 and year 4 university attendees, to gather some insights on their future job criteria and salary expectations.

When it came to the topic of salary, 57 per cent of students expected to make MOP11,000-15,000 per month. While 38 per cent responded more realistically, expecting to make MOP8,000-11,000; and a mere 5 per cent hoped to earn MOP15,000 or above. However, HR experts say that the majority expectation of MOP11,000-15,000 is not far off from reality, as Macau’s median salary rose to MOP11,000 in the second quarter of 2012; while those who worked in the gambling industry full-time earned MOP18,040 on average (Figures from Macau Statistics and Consensus Service).

And while salary expectations were at a realistic high, salary itself came in 4th on the ranking of job criteria and expectations. Seventy-four per cent of students surveyed rated having a job related to their area of study as most important; while 54 per cent stated that the job must first be of interest to them; 41 per cent said that there must be a clear-cut career path and opportunity for ascension; while 40 per cent of students stated salary was most important. Other categories students voted for included:  Employment benefits – 35 per cent found it most crucial; and a surprising 24 per cent said that work/life balance was of greatest importance.

MacauHR Manager – Alex Lu says: “Today’s fresh graduates are a group of savvy young people who grew up with technology that enables them to have a wider view of the world, so they may not be as money-oriented as previous generations. As a result they value things like the quality of their life, as well as job happiness just as much as other components of their career.”


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